Manuka Honey Bio Active 10+ Review: the specialist in high-quality manuka honey

Manuka Honey Bio Active 10+


If you are wondering about manuka honey, you have come to the right place. This Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey Bio Active 10+ review will provide you with an in-depth look on the source, benefits and overall effects of this brand of manuka honey.

Manuka Doctor’s manuka honey is one of the cheapest manuka honey brands available in the market. It is mainly used as a nutritious sugar alternative in hot beverages or as part of beauty routines. Manuka Honey Bio Active 10+ is part of the Manuka Doctor Apitherapy collection which prides itself on using high-grade manuka honey from New Zealand.

Manuka Doctor is a UK-based company that specializes in manufacturing and processing skincare products from pure bee venom and manuka honey. They also offer various grades of BioActive manuka honey, in which we will be focusing on the Bio Active 10+ in this review.

What to expect from Manuka Honey Bio Active 10+

This honey comes in a dark 250g jar. It is advisable to store it in a cool and dry place with average room temperature for it to maintain its sticky and thick texture. You have to warm the honey for it to soften and let it cool for it to become firm. The 10+ Bio Active rating depends on the Total Activity present at the time of testing. Manuka Doctor takes its time to thoroughly and independently test the manuka honey against various quality standards in their world-class factory.

The name Bio Active honey refers to the rating system which measures the naturally occurring peroxide activity in the honey. It is advisable to check the ratings of the manuka honey to find the best strength to fit your individual needs.

What are the key features?

Manuka honey originates from bees who feed on the nectar of manuka flowers which are only in New Zealand. Manuka Doctor manufactures its manuka honey to offer its consumers a tasty way to benefit from its medicinal advantages. It is the perfect alternative to the regular sweeteners available in the market. Apart from its sweet essence, here are some more key features of Manuka Doctor’s Manuka Honey Bio Active 10+.

Obtained from the pristine hills of New Zealand

Manuka Doctor’s roots are in the forests, mountains, and valleys of New Zealand. Their beekeepers collect the honey from the hives and transport it to Manuka Doctor’s factory where its activity levels are certified, and the honey receives its Bio Active nature. The main Bio Active compound in this product is Hydrogen Peroxide which is an anti-oxidant.

New Zealand is the only country where the Manuka bush grows. The flower grows for only four weeks during mid-summer, resulting in frantic bee activity during this period. 

Sweet tasting manuka honey

Manuka Honey Bio Active 10+ features a wonderful taste as it is mainly designed to offer a sweetening alternative to the normal sugars present in the market. The honey has some added ingredients to ensure the honey tastes just as good as it would when taken directly from the hive and packed.

This brand of manuka honey has low levels of Methylglyoxal, the natural antibacterial compound found in honey, due to its exposure to temperatures above 118F during processing and extraction. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties due to the hydrogen peroxide compound.

Affordable Manuka honey

If you are looking for a cheap manuka honey brand, it will be hard to find a cheaper alternative than Manuka Doctor’s manuka honey Bio Active 10+. Since it does not offer the great antibacterial properties of manuka honey, the price fits its value. This manuka honey brand is mainly used to add nutritional value as a healthy and delicious food and beverage sweetener.


  • Genuine Manuka honey from the forests of New Zealand
  • BPA-free honey pots
  • Excellent source of energy
  • Affordable manuka honey
  • Measures the peroxide activity in the honey; thus the Bioactive rating


  • Not raw honey due to its exposure to various elements during processing and extraction


Manuka Honey Bio Active 10+ is the ideal solution for people looking for a healthy sweetening alternative. It can be directly ingested by placing it in the mouth or put in a beverage as you would do to sugar. This manuka honey is the perfect doctor with a Bio-Active rating of 10+. It is a natural energy source with added Bio-Active qualities such as anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.



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