The Best Manuka Honey for Digestive Problems


Constant pain and discomfort may reduce your energy for life and even get in the way of getting work done. With the multiple health benefits that the Manuka honey offers, we give you the best picks that remedy digestive problems.

The common causes of digestive problems arise from high acidity levels that cause ulcerations in the stomach and intestinal walls. You could also suffer from high acidity reflux that keeps you from indulging in certain foods.

We know how down casting such a situation is, which is why you may receive several recommendations to use Manuka honey exclusively from New Zealand.

Choosing the best Manuka honey to fight digestive problems will save you many trips to the pharmacy, as well as constant medication intake that may not be very effective.

Manuka honey contains exceptional components that give it an edge over regular honey sourced from other nectary flowers. The Manuka bushes that are indigenously found in New Zealand blossom unique flowers that produce highly beneficial nectar.

The honey that bees produce from the Manuka bush nectar contains chemical components that provide the users with a highly therapeutic experience after honey consumption.

The Methylglyoxal properties in the honey create anti-bacterial properties that stop inflammations on internal and external open wounds. Additionally, the Unique Manuka Factor plays a significant role in offering the exceptional therapeutic effect that most users seek.

To help you make the best decision, we have compiled a list of the top Manuka honey brands that offer a unique soothing effect to eradicate all your digestive problems.

From bloating to inflammations on the digestive linings, these Manuka honey brands provide a great natural health alternative that reduces symptoms of indigestion.


Name of Manuka Honey BrandUMF ConcentrationPackage Weight In Ounces(oz.)Price
The Manuka Honey from Egmont10+8.8See price
The Medical Grade Manuka Honey Nutralizer16+6.8See price
The UMF 15 Steens Unpasteurized Manuka Honey15+17.6See price
Manuka UMF 15 Wild Cape Honey15+8.8See price
UMF 10+ Three Peaks Honey10+17.6See price
Mother Earth New Zealand Honey10+8.8See price
Eco-Friendly Tahi Honey15+8.8See price


The Manuka Honey from Egmont

Image for The Manuka Honey from Egmont

 The best thing about honey is that you get to choose whichever way you want to take it. You can drizzle it on your pancakes in the morning or take a spoonful in your schedule sessions.

The Egmont Manuka Honey provides a smooth consistency that lets it combine well with your other ingredients of choice.

The Specs

  • The honey undergoes several laboratory tests.
  • It contains 263+ MGO components.
  • The UMF concentration is at 10+.
  • The honey is raw and contains no additives.

The average UMF levels are ideal for combating any lurking issues with digestion, especially with its anti-bacterial properties that prevent the breeding of these disease-causing organisms.

You can also use the honey confidently as it undergoes several laboratory tests that assure you of a high-quality product.

Taking two to three spoonfuls of the Egmont honey every day will set you on the right path to revitalizing the affected organs and internal linings that cause indigestion.

The pros

  • The honey serves other purposes like reducing flu symptoms.
  • The anti-bacterial properties reduce intestinal inflammation.
  • Smooth consistency gives users an easy time using honey.

The Cons

  • The price is higher than other similar products in the market.

Final Take

The honey’s smooth consistency is a win compared to other brands and will give you excellent user experience.

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The Medical Grade Manuka Honey Neutralizer

Image for ManukaGuard Medical Grade

The medical Grade Manuka Honey Neutralizer is not a pure honey product, but it incorporates Manuka honey as the main component. It retails as a healthcare product and is reputable for fast-acting relief benefits for users with severe abdominal problems.

The Specs

  • It is Gluten-free.
  • The honey contains 16+ UMF composition.
  • The product supports vegetarian use.
  • It supports a healthy acidic balance in the stomach.

For most patients of gastritis and acidic reflux, the medical Grade Manuka honey saves you all the trouble that comes with purchasing expensive medicine that does not always provide the remedies you seek.

You can rely on it for daily use, whether you consume gluten or not. The manufacturers also did an excellent job of specifying its other ingredients that combine functions with the Manuka honey. This way, you can tell what you are about to consume without a doubt.

The Merits

  • The product offers quick relief from acid reflux.
  • It also doubles up to provide relief from heartburn.
  • It accommodates users who do not consume gluten and vegetarians.

The Demerits 

  • The product is not pure, as it incorporates Manuka honey with other active ingredients.
  • It is not manufactured in New Zealand, which may raise the question of pure Manuka honey use.


If you are looking for raw and pure Manuka honey, the Medical Grade Neutralizer is not the product for you. It contains a large percentage of the honey but has additional ingredients.

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The UMF 15 Steens Unpasteurized Manuka Honey

Image for Steens Manuka Honey

The Steen brand produces unpasteurized Manuka Honey sources from a unique harvesting mode called “the whole combing.” This technique of harvesting the honey ensures that the beeswax lasts for long, producing more abundant nutrients in the honey.

The extra nutrients will go a long way in boosting your immunity, as well as providing a natural and healthy alternative for sweeteners in your drink.

The Characteristics

  •  It has a UMF 15+ composition.
  • The honey had active enzymes for optimum use.
  • It offers multiple functions, like beauty care.
  • The honey has anti-bacterial properties.

Consumers who use this brand report high energy levels after a single spoonful that takes them through the day. The Steens Manuka honey is also a great immunity booster to combat flu infections, ulcers and external wounds.

The highly neutralizing function will keep your acid reflux at bay, without having to consume a ridiculous amount of tums and other gastritis medicine.

We also appreciate the delicate refining process that the honey undergoes before packaging as it prevents any contaminants from changing its composition.


  • It neutralizes stomach acidity.
  • It has anti-biotic properties to stop intestinal inflammation.
  • The honey undergoes high refinery procedures to make it pure.


  • It is very grainy and solidified fast.


If you suffer from severe intestinal inflammation and infections, the Steens honey is worth trying out. However, you want to store it in a conducive environment that will prevent fast crystallization.

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Manuka UMF 15 Wild Cape Honey

Image for WildCape UMF 15

The source of this type of Manuka honey is a beautiful remote location on the Wild Cape of New Zealand. The area is home to numerous Manuka bushes that provide bees with the best nectar for honey production.

If you have a low tolerance for bitter tastes, you will love the Wild Cape honey flavor that has just a hint of the inevitable sharp taste in Manuka honey.

It is important to note that Manuka honey with a higher MGO and UMF concentration will always have a bitter taste. Luckily, the sugar levels is the honey work well to neutralize it.

 The Characteristics 

  • The honey has a smooth consistency.
  • It contains a high pollen count.
  • The honey package weight 8.8 oz.
  • The UMF composition is at 15+.

The nectar used in honey production is high in DHA(Dihydroxyacetone) that promotes a higher output of MGOs that strengthen the potency of the honey. With a higher strength, you can be sure of faster remedies to any digestive discomfort.

Most users compliment the honey for its speedy action against gastritis and intestinal inflammations, by inhibiting bacterial growth. The high pollen count also increases the honey’s potency, so that even on spoonful is enough to bring relief.

The Pros

  • It has a good taste.
  • The honey fights acid reflux effectively.
  • It also works well to soothe skin burns.

The Cons

  • It is slightly more expensive than other similar brands.


The assured inclusion of DHA to the honey composition ensures you of natural properties to reduce digestive complications.

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UMF 10+ Three Peaks Honey

Image for WildCape UMF 15+ East Cape Manuka Honey

This brand has a certification approved by the board of UMF honey purity and quality standards, so you are sure of a high-quality purchase. The UMF levels in honey translate to a very high MGO composition, which offers beneficial therapeutic functions.

The most prominent benefit of a high UMF level is the anti-bacterial properties that kill most of the microbes responsible for indigestion in your gut.

The Characteristics

  • The honey has 17+ UMF components.
  • The quantity you receive weighs 17.6 oz.
  • It has a good texture.
  • The honey is organic.

The UMF 10+ Three Peaks Honey manufacturers work hand in hand with the bee-keepers to ensure that you receive the best quality of honey, filled with micro-nutrients that remedy internal wounds that affect your stomach and intestinal walls.

The users also get great value for money with the larger honey jar packaging for more honey quantity. Unlike most Manuka honey suppliers, this brand purposes to provide adequate honey for a lasting purpose.

The organic feature is also an added plus in our books because it assures you of non-synthetic chemicals. With this assurance, even younger children can consume the honey and receive all the nutritional benefits it offers.

The Pros

  • The honey reduces ulcers and inflammations in your alimentary canal.
  • The taste is not overpowering.
  • The honey offers an excellent alternative to chemical products for skincare routines.

The Cons

  • The UMF concentration is relatively low compared to other brands.
  • The container is plastic and may present some BPA contamination issues.


Though the plastic packaging may put you off, it provides a larger storage capacity than most other brands. The honey also offers decent UMF levels to eradicate digestive complications.

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Mother Earth New Zealand Honey

Image for Mother Earth

The honey offers anti-bacterial properties that are perfect for suppressing any breeding micro-organisms that cause inflammations in the stomach or intestines.

The Mother Earth New Zealand honey will give you a bearable experience, as the taste does not have the overwhelming bitterness present in most Manuka honey brands.

The Features

  • It comes in a package weighing 8.8 oz.
  • It has a UMF composition of 10+.
  • The honey has neutralizing components.

Going for raw honey is always a better choice because you avoid harmful additives and chemicals in your daily use. Mother Earth Manuka honey assures users of its natural production for raw and pure Manuka honey.

The anti-bacterial and therapeutic MGO components will remedy recurrent acid-reflux, as well as preventing inflammation and ulceration on the intestine and stomach walls. Users also credit the honey to stopping flu symptoms and promoting the healthy healing of cuts and bruises.

The Pros

  • The taste is pleasant.
  • The honey suppresses acid reflux.
  • The high UMF levels offer relief from gut inflammations.

The Cons

  • The product has inconsistent labels that misguide users on whether or not is has UMF components.

The Verdict

While many users claim that the honey has provided a more natural digestion relief remedy, the doubt of UMF presence in the honey is a turn off to potential buyers. However, the tasty honey offers several benefits that go beyond how pleasant the flavors are.

For patients with severe acid reflux, taking Mother Earth New Zealand Honey will do the trick and reduce the symptoms.

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Eco-Friendly Tahi Honey

Image for Manuka Honey UMF15

The attractive honey-jar design is among the many characteristics that will attract you to the Tahi Manuka Honey. Moreover, the unpasteurized honey offers several other health and wellness benefits.

For example, to combat stubborn rashes or a severe skin burn, you can apply the honey on the affected area. This way, it not only combats gut problems, but also external wound healing.

The Features

  • The components in the honey include UMF 15+.
  • It is unpasteurized.
  • The honey contains anti-bacterial properties.
  • The honey consists of high pollen count for better nutrition levels.

The genuine presence of UMF components in the honey is confirmed by the UMF honey association license held by the manufacturers. (License number 2035). With this certification, you can take the honey confident that it will offer all the ingredients you require for better digestion.

Users also compliment the improved oral health benefits they have received from the Tahi Manuka honey. When the mouth is free from all disease causing micro-organisms, it reduces the risk of consequent bacteria in your digestive system.

The Merits

  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It dissolves well in water and hot drinks.
  • It helps achieve better oral hygiene.
  • Its adequate UMF levels provide therapy for indigestion.

The Demerits

  • The taste is slightly unpleasant.

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The quality of the product is certified and trusted, for assured excellent user experience. On top of this, you will enjoy the numerous health benefits that you have access to. The Tahi honey is a household product that provides your entire family with the best Manuka honey benefits.

Qualities to Look for in the Best Manuka Honey for Digestive Problems

When you are searching for a product that will offer you specific remedies, you have to be extra particular about what you expect out of the purchase.

To help reduce the effects of dietary canal conditions like acid reflux, bloating, or ulcers, you need to find Manuka honey with all the right properties. Here are some of the guiding factors that will help you make the best first-time purchase.

The UMF/MGO Composition 

Picking a honey brand that has a relatively high concentration of the therapeutic elements found in Manuka honey will ensure that you get the best possible results in calming your stomach and intestinal diseases.

Additionally, honey that contains high components levels of these two ingredients provides an extra nutritional boost that wards off bacterial infections on open wounds.

The beneficial feature will prevent any complications with internal open wounds like stomach and intestine ulcers that often provide breeding grounds for disease-causing micro-organisms.

However, if you have a low tolerance to bitter taste, you want to choose a brand that has a lower UFM/MGO concentration, because it will taste less bitter.

The Price Range

 If you are looking for a cheaper medical remedy that will rid you of all the expenses you incurred before after buying over the counter drugs, your budget should guide your choice as well.

Natural resources are often a cheap option, but with the unique features found in Manuka honey, the price ranges are higher than those of regular honey. We recommend looking through the quality of testing applied on the honey for verified fitness, as well as finding the UFM component you require.

If you can find all these characteristics in a reasonably priced Manuka honey brand, we recommend that you go for it!

Compatibility with Your Dietary Lifestyle 

This characteristic is an essential factor to check out before making a purchase, especially if you are a vegetarian. You can run a quick background check online on a prospective Manuka brand to check whether they incorporate any additional elements that could be harmful to your dietary guidelines.

Also, if you have a sensitive stomach that reacts to the slightest pH change, you should check to confirm that the honey’s pH levels do not trigger additional conditions that cause pain. Your specifications should guide your choice as well, to facilitate a seamless use of the product.

Packaging Quantity and Quality 

Most Manuka honey jars hold up to 250 grams (8.8 ounces) of honey, so it is the standard measure of fair value for money. However, several brands offer varying quantities that inevitably change the price tag on the honey.

While Manuka honey offers unmatched health and wellness benefits, we think you still deserve your money’s worth by receiving sustainable quantities of honey that will not have you making trips or orders all the time.

You can check for a larger honey jar size that retails at a low price, provided that you trust the quality of honey. Going through several buying guides will help you get an impression on the merits of larger Manuka honey packages.

The Best Choice for You

Overall, you get to choose what brand you think offers the best Manuka honey for digestive problems. Following the several reviews from this guide, the top pick offers honey that will give you fast relief from discomfort, while providing lasting benefits that improve your health condition over time.

Go for Manuka honey that has a high UFM concentration to provide optimum therapeutic effects to your whole immune system. Your final choice will also offer excellent value for money with durable packaging that stores your honey in a tight air system, free from contamination and BPA interference.



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