The Best Manuka Honey for Ulcerative Colitis


Abdominal inflammation that extends to the colon may cause adverse medical conditions that bring about extra pain and suffering. Ulcerative colitis is one of the chronic infections that cause severe pain and bleeding from infections in your large intestines. For a natural and effective treatment regimen, you need the best Manuka honey that contains all the essential healing components.

New Zealand has a reputable Manuka honey production that is unique to the country because of the Manuka bush that exclusively grows in the terrain.

Beekeepers who specialize in Manuka honey production focus most of their efforts in ensuring that the collected honey is pure and raw.

Additionally, the honey contains distinctive elements that purpose to fight bacteria and soothe painful wounds, among other medicinal functions.

Among these elements is Methylglyoxal (MGO), which is a chemical component to the honey. It enables all the unique enzymatic features that separate Manuka honey from your average beekeeper’s honey.

The second element is the Unique Manuka Factor(UFM) that contains all the antibacterial ingredients you are looking for in Manuka honey. If a brand has a higher UFM component, you can be sure that you will experience therapeutic healing from the honey.

The companies that liaise with the beekeepers ensure that the honey undergoes several independent tests. The testing process is vital in certifying that the final product is of high quality and fit for human consumption.

Finding the best honey to calm the effects of ulcerative colitis may prove challenging, especially when most Manuka honey brands offer similar qualities. This review will give you the essential components to look out for to ensure your pick meets its purpose.


The Manuka Doctor Honey17.616+ UMF Check price
Manuka Lemon Honey8.860+ MGOCheck price
The Manuka 400+ MGO Honey17.645+ MGOCheck price
The Premium Raw Wedderspoon Honey8.8400+ MGOCheck price
The New Zealand Comvita Honey8.8514+ MGOCheck price
The Artisanal Premium Manuka Honey8.8829+ MGOCheck price
Manuka Honey from New Zealand Co.8.815+ UMFCheck price


The Manuka Doctor Honey

Image for manuka doctor bio

The Manuka Doctor honey infuses a unique multiflora component from the different flowers and bushes that the bees visit before producing the raw honey.

Its Characteristics

  • The honey is pure, unmixed with other synthetic variants.
  • It undergoes several laboratory tests.
  • It comes in an 8.8 oz. jar.
  • The MGO levels are 60+.

One of the essential features to look for on the honey jar label is a certified testing mark. The certification proves that the honey is fit for your consumption, especially when you ingest it to work on sensitive abdominal walls.

The Doctor honey undergoes laboratory testing before retail to ensure you receive a high-quality product. Also, the MGO component is moderate enough to meet all your anti-inflammatory needs.

The Merits

  • The honey contains multiple nectar infusions.
  • The MGO component is decent enough to cater to your anti-inflammatory needs.
  • It is suitable for vegetarians.

The Demerits

  • You may find the honey too thick or sticky to drizzle.

The Verdict

We love the confirmed inclusion of suitability for vegetarians, so you do not have to worry about consuming honey that is unfit for you if you are one. The multiflora components also offer a diverse nectary composition for highly effective use of the honey.

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Manuka Lemon Honey

Image for Multifloral Manuka Honey lemon

The Lemon Honey is another recommended pick, especially if you prefer an extra flavor kick. It contains bioactive components that ward off all the inflammatory bacteria in your colon and other body organs as well.

Its Characteristics

  • The MGO levels are at 45+.
  • It has bio-active elements.
  • It comes in a jar weighing 17.6 oz.
  • The honey undergoes individual lab testing.

With a higher MGO level, the Manuka lemon honey has a better chance of reducing the pain you experience from ulcerative colitis. You will also enjoy the delicious, natural honey flavor that comes straight from the honeycombs.

The honey also retails at a reasonable price, considering the numerous health benefits it offers. Also, you can use the Lemon Honey to soothe external cuts and bruises, as well as to keep off any bacteria from the affected area.

The Merits

  • The honey has a unique lemon flavor.
  • It retails at an affordable price.
  • It offers sufficient MGO component to soothe abdominal pain and bleeding.
  • Its 17.6 oz. Packaging will last you for a while.

The Demerits

  • The honey contains significant fructose levels that overshadow the essential components.

The Verdict

While the Manuka Lemon Honey offers a good health regimen option, its inclusion of fructose from the lemon makes it less different from regular honey.

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The Manuka 400+ MGO Honey

Image for The Manuka 400+ MGO Honey

You can take your honey in several ways by drizzling it on your morning cereal, taking a spoonful, or adding it to your hot drink. With a smooth consistency that lets you enjoy all this, the Manuka 400+ MGO is a viable choice that will manage colitis adequately.

Its Characteristics

  • It has a certified 400+ MGO composition.
  • The honey is organic and raw.
  • The retail package has is8.8 oz. Capacity.
  • The composition includes anti-inflammatory elements.

You know you can trust a brand when it provides a system that traces the product back to the original beekeepers. The Manuka 400+ MGO Honey brand keeps a close relationship with the honey providers, in case of any clarifications you seek.

Also, the active 400 MGO composition is an incredible addition to your anti-ulcerative colitis treatment. The high element levels fight most of the intestinal bacteria that cause severe inflammation and even bleeding from ulcers.

The Advantages

  • The honey offers multiple other uses for your entire family.
  • It undergoes intense testing levels to ensure it is fit for consumption.
  • The anti-inflammatory elements are sufficient for soothing pain and reducing colitis symptoms.

The Disadvantages

  • The honey retails at a higher price than similar brands.

The Verdict

The high MGO levels in the honey offer an excellent choice for ulcerative colitis treatment. On top of this, you will love the honey’s delicious taste.

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The Premium Raw Wedderspoon Honey

Image for Wedderspoon Raw

The Wedderspoon honey is a favorite among many users for its effective incorporation of enzymes in the honey composition. You can also worry less about refrigerating the honey after opening it up, as it can last a long time at room temperature.

Its Characteristics

The Premium Raw Wedderspoon honey does not undergo pasteurization, which means that it lacks bio-active ingredients. However, in their place, the honey uses anti-inflammatory enzymes that reduce infection-causing bacteria in your colons. Consistent use of the honey will subdue the pain and bleeding arising from the colitis.

The Merits 

  • You do not have to refrigerate the honey.
  • It has many beauty and wound-healing benefits, as well.
  • The live enzymes fight not only inflammation, but also any budding cancer cells.

The Demerits

  • Some users may find the smell a bit unpleasant.

Final Take

The premium Raw Wedderspoon honey provides groundbreaking health gains that include preventing cancer cell growth. We strongly recommend this choice, especially if you are battling severe ulcerative colitis.

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The New Zealand Comvia Honey

Image for Comvita

The Comvita honey from New Zealand offers unique, useful advantages over several other Manuka honey brands. One of the most essential benefits of choosing this honey is the gluten-free property that expands usability to buyers with allergic reactions to gluten.

Also, you don’t have to avoid it in fear of any chemical compositions that eventually lead to lifestyle deases. The New Zealand Honey is pure and unadulterated with any extra ingredients.

Its Characteristics

  • It has no Genetically Modified Organism that makes it pure.
  • It is Gluten-free.
  • It has a composition of over 514 MGOs.

With this choice, you get honey that has over 500 Methylglyoxal composition for all your domestic and medicinal needs. The Comvita honey is reputable for its fast-action indigestion relief, along with its antibacterial elements that reduce infections.

Additionally, you get good value for your money with the other various benefits you get from this choice. With the high MGO levels, you can use the honey to treat open wounds.

The Merits 

  • The honey has a soothing effect on internal and external wounds.
  • It combats acid reflux and prevents gagging.
  • It has multiple other health benefits like preventing the flu.
  • The high MGO components reduce abdominal inflammation.

The Demerits

  • The taste of this Manuka honey is slightly unpleasant.

Final Take

Despite the unguaranteed pleasure in swallowing a spoonful of the New Zealand Comvita honey, you will love the health benefits it provides. It is perfect for any ailing patients who would like to manage the effects of colitis. Additionally, it comes in handy when you want to get rid of stubborn flu.

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The Artisanal Premium Manuka Honey

Image for Artisanal

The design of the Artisanal Premium Manuka Honey will quickly capture your eye, with its symmetrical hexagon shape. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the actual honey provides a high MGO level that is perfect for your medicinal care and treatment.

Its Characteristics

  • The glass packaging ensures the honey is free from harmful BPA found in plastics.
  • Independent testing on the honey is assured.
  • The honey has an 829 +MGO composition.
  • It comes in an 8.8 oz. Jar.

The Artisanal Premium Manuka Honey offers a delicious taste that gets you the best of both worlds with an extra medical benefit assurance. Your ulcerative colitis symptoms will quickly reduce from severe symptoms to mild ones if you take the honey consistently.

The Merits 

  • The honey comes in an appealing package, perfect for gifting.
  • It reduces inflammation and pain caused by ulcers and infection significantly.

The Demerits

  • It is hard to fit a spoon inside the honey jar because of its shape.

Final Take

The beautiful packaging design is not the only feature that should attract you to this pick. Instead, the winning factor is the outstanding MGO component that will assure you of the reduced effects of ulcerative colitis.

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Manuka Honey from New Zealand Co.

image for New Zealand Honey

The Manuka Honey from New Zealand co. assures its consumers a constant product supply, thanks to their proximity to the honey beekeepers. This option gives you the confidence of a sustainable market supply, which is perfect if you think it is a keeper.

Its Characteristics

  • Its main elements consist of 15+ UFM and 514+ MGO.
  • It has anti-inflammatory elements.
  • It comes in an 8.8 oz. package.

Your top pick needs to have a decent Unique Manuka Factor composition. With a 15+ UMF characteristic, you are assured of the therapeutic benefits that come with the exclusive use of Manuka honey.  The high MGO levels that disperse harmful bacteria are instrumental to reducing intestinal inflammations that lead to ulcerative colitis.

The Merits 

  • The honey has high MGO levels.
  • It plays a significant role in reducing inflammation.
  • The honey also reduces heartburn and abdominal acidity.

The Demerits

  • It is uncertified as an organic product.
  • You may find the taste bitter.

Final Take

For users that prefer an all-organic product, the Manuka Honey from New Zealand Co. may be your last option.

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If you are looking for Manuka honey that will last you a while, go for a brand that offers several packaging options. Picking a larger quantity of honey for a reasonable price is great for buyers who intend to use the honey in a large family household.

This way, you do not have to worry about frequent re-stocking or outage in case the honey goes out of stock.


The Methylglyoxal component in the honey composition is what sets Manuka honey above the other typical types available. Similarly, the UFM of every kind of honey provides a different potency depending on what you are looking for.

To tame the painful effects of ulcerative colitis, we recommend choosing Manuka honey with the highest component of these two elements. You will get faster anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits with such a pick, compared to brands that offer a lower component level.


Some users may be allergic to the components that make up Manuka honey. We recommend reading the honey label to check for any chemical element that may cause severe side effects after use.

Also, be specific about the features you check for, especially if you are trying to keep off gluten. The natural treatment of ulcerative colitis requires a careful choice of ingredients to avoid worsening the conditions.


Some of the Manuka honey brands come in strong and bitter taste that may be repellant to your taste buds. Conversely, most users report that the more bitter the honey is, the better the benefits it offers.

However, we advise you to go for a honey brand that does not cause intense discomfort when swallowing because of taste. There is no need to put yourself through too much suffering when you can find Manuka honey with better flavor and similar health benefits.


Settling for honey that provides beneficial health components will go a long way in treating and managing mild to severe ulcerative colitis. When choosing your honey, look for a brand that offers you the best MGO/UFM component levels.

Additionally, the best Manuka honey will serve other multiple purposes in your household, including beauty care and providing an immunity boost. It will also incorporate a suitable packaging that contains a decent quantity to give you the best value for your money!


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