Wild Cape UMF 15+ East Cape Manuka Honey review: The most potent manuka honey

Wild Cape UMF 15+ East Cape Manuka Honey

If you are looking for a manuka honey brand with exceptional taste, Wild Cape UMF 15+ East Cape manuka honey is your best buy. Its exclusive taste, texture, and top quality have made it a favorite among many. Here are other reasons why this product is worthy of your investment.

Take your overall health regime to the next level by using Wild Cape UMF 15+ East Cape manuka honey. This honey comes from East Cape, North Island in New Zealand which is explicitly known for its unique flora and fauna. Geographically separated from the western part by Raukumara hill ranges, the area is sparsely populated and contains virgin forests.

Its unique flavor and powerful healing properties, compared to its peer products, makes it one of the top manuka honey brands in the world. Wild Cape is also known for producing some of the purest honey. The brand also provides other grades of manuka honey.

What should you expect from Wild Cape UMF15+ East Cape manuka honey?

This manuka honey brand comes in a dark 250g, 500g, or 1kg BPA free plastic jar which serves up to 80 servings. The honey has a slightly lighter color compared to its peer products and features a delicious caramel flavor.

Apart from its mild and tasty flavor, this product has antibacterial and therapeutic benefits. It eases sore throat pain, speeds up the healing of respiratory infections, as well as quick healing power on cuts and other types of abrasions. Wild Cape manuka honey also improves the symptoms of intestinal and digestive issues such as acid reflux.

What are the key features?

Located in the East Coast forests of New Zealand, Wild Cape is a family-owned manuka honey-making business. The company obtains its honey from these virgin forests and undertakes unique and rigorous procedures to extract and process the honey without compromising its natural properties.

Wild Cape, also known as Savage Horticulture, is a member of UMFHA, a honey association which tests and certifies manuka honey from New Zealand to ensure it meets standard criteria. As such, the quality of Wild Cape’s manuka honey is ascertained and consistent. Here are some other key features of this honey.

Genuine and 100% pure manuka honey from New Zealand

Wild Cape has a strategic location in the forests of East Cape, North Island, New Zealand. Since not all manuka bushes in New Zealand yield UMF Rated nectar, the ones found in East Cape’s virgin forests have high potency due to minimal human interference.

Wild Cape has over 2,700 hives in the area that undergo ethical harvesting procedures every summer/spring. The brand is very transparent with their extraction and processing activities. The owner of the company, Bill Savage, discloses how their bees are well taken care of as they are provided with a winter home to preserve their health until the next harvest.

Usually, the higher the manuka honey’s UMF rating, the more it has an unpleasant taste. Wild Cape maintains the honey’s sweet taste without any added artificial ingredients.

High UMF Rating- 15+

The Eastern region of New Zealand is famous for its UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) manuka honey, meaning it has high-quality, authentic and reliable honey with high potency levels of the Methylglyoxal compound, the naturally occurring healing compound found in manuka honey.

Due to its natural healing properties, this product is excellent for tissue repair, chronic infections and wound healing. It also reduces acne quite fast and effectively and can be used as a culinary condiment as well. If you are looking to boost your immune system and improve digestion, this brand is your best buy.

Attractive packaging  

Wild Cape’s manuka honey comes in a variety of sizes and grades. All these products come in a BPA free jar which is re-usable. The jars are made using PET and adhere to the strict FDA New Zealand regulations, making it a desirable option for environment lovers.


  • Mild and exclusive taste
  • Raw honey from the virgin forests of New Zealand
  • High UMF Rating – 15+
  • Superior packaging
  • Adheres to ethical bee-hiving and harvesting procedures
  • Licensed manuka honey manufacturing brand


  • Some consumers prefer the strong favor of manuka honey


Wild Cape is a top choice for those looking for medicinal manuka honey. The honey offers all the health benefits that manuka honey is known for. Despite its high value, it is definitely a worthy investment as it lasts for at least three months. It is advisable to use this product on alternate days for the best results.


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