Will Manuka Honey Cause Diabetes?



Don’t eat that, it may cause diabetes! Have you been subjected to one of these? Do you find yourself having to research everything before you even take a bite of your favorite diet item? Here’s our analysis of whether or not manuka honey can cause diabetes.

What causes diabetes?

There are many causes of diabetes for each of the unique types of the disease. Many of the causes are subject to myth and misinformation. Do you know what causes diabetes?

For diabetes type-1, little is known about why the immune system turns on the pancreatic beta cells that are responsible for producing insulin. However, strong inference has been made on genetic and environmental influences featuring to some degree of its likelihood. Viral infections from enteroviruses such as mumps, rotavirus and cytomegalovirus could increase the risk of diabetes type-1. Low vitamin D levels and boosted insulin production especially during the pre-adult stage could increase the risk factor for autoimmune diseases such as this type of diabetes.

Diabetes type-2 can develop from insulin resistance, a poor lifestyle and diet, or genetic predisposition. This type of diabetes is very common among certain racial and ethnic groups, with the disease also likely to affect families.  It can be caused by insulin resistance, where the liver, muscle and fat cells fail to efficiently break down insulin, which necessitates further insulin production. Over time, your pancreas becomes unable to produce enough insulin to sustain your body. You can also increase your risk for this disease by being inactive or overweight. Since the additional weight can contribute to the development of insulin resistance.

Gestational diabetes, which develops during pregnancy, may be caused by genetic factors and environmental factors that could contribute to the development of insulin resistance.

Will manuka honey cause diabetes?

Manuka honey cannot cause diabetes. It is a healthy product with antioxidant and antibacterial effect that could help revitalize and protect different aspects of your health. It is a great addition to different treatment plans and it can be consumed either internally or topically. The ease of its incorporation and the range of benefits on offer makes it a must use item for people suffering from certain medical conditions.

Is manuka honey a good sugar substitute for people with diabetes?

While people suffering from diabetes may enjoy the occasional consumption of honey, too much use of manuka honey is not recommended. Before incorporating manuka honey into your treatment plan, unless only on a topical basis, you need to consult your physician on the safe amounts of honey for you. Its high methylglyoxal (MG) content which makes it beneficial for a healthy body may be too risky for some diabetic patients.

Studies suggests that a high MG accumulation in the body has been linked to slower healing for diabetic ulcers, even though the honey has been proven to have other types of benefits. You need to consult with your doctor to determine whether manuka honey is a safe addition to your treatment or dietary plan.

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