Will Manuka Honey Help Constipation?



Manuka honey has been cited by various research studies as an ideal antimicrobial substance for home use. This type of honey has been identified as carrying high concentration levels of beneficial contents, which makes it ideal for topical and internal use. But will manuka honey help with a constipation problem?

Manuka honey supports healthy gut activity

Research carried out on manuka honey’s potency as a treatment aid for various conditions suggests that it can be useful for people experiencing a range of digestive disorders.  It is rich in antioxidants, which have been useful in treating inflammatory bowel conditions and gastric ulcers in subject patients.

Manuka can help control symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, such as constipation, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Patients who consume manuka honey may be less likely to experience these symptoms, thanks to its high antioxidant status. Its antibacterial properties have also been proven to fight at least two gut pathogens, Clostridium  difficile and Helicobacter pylori, which may be responsible for constipation.

Manuka honey contains oligosaccharides, which may have a probiotic effect on your gut, which will promote healthy gut activity.

Does manuka honey have other health benefits?

Manuka honey helps to create an ideal environment for wound healing, which is why manuka honey dressings have been used effectively for management of cuts. Topical applications of manuka honey on wounds have been reported to be even more efficient at enabling faster healing than Vaseline.

Manuka honey has also been used for better oral health. The high antibacterial effect of manuka honey is ideal for protecting your dental  hygiene by combating bacteria that may cause plaque formation, tooth decay, gum inflammation and conditions such as gingivitis.

The anti-inflammatory property of honey, specifically in the use to address sore throat has been common knowledge for a long time. Manuka honey offers a higher concentration of the beneficial components which ensure that even the smallest amount of honey can work to offer relief.

Manuka honey has even been proven to combat the bacteria responsible for muscositis, which is a common side effect for cancer treatment.

How can you use manuka honey for healthier living?

Incorporating manuka honey into your regiment is easy. You can replace all your sugar and sweetener needs with the honey, allowing for better tasting and healthier alternatives for your tea or yogurt.  It still contains a high sugar level, such as with any type of honey, which means you should avoid an unnecessarily high intake in this manner.

You can swallow a spoonful of manuka honey to help  soothe throat ailments. Upon ingestion, it will coat your throat and provide sufficient relief. You may also consider taking it with ginger or chamomile tea since these herbs offer additional boost to the anti-inflammatory benefits of the honey. This method
can be a great way to induce sleep and ensure a good night’s rest.

Manuka honey can also help in the management of small cuts, scrapes and bruises. You should add a little manuka honey onto the injured area before applying your bandage. For deep and larger cuts, make sure to consult your doctor.



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